My Resume

My Education

I have Completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo located in the province of Ontario. I graduated with a Major in Legal Studies and a Minor in Sociology in the year 2017. I initially wanted to pursue a degree in Law or legal justice. However, life had different plans for me, and I went onto getting admission into a School of Social Work instead. Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, which is located in a beautiful town called Kelowna. 

University of British Columbia Okanagan

University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Kelowna

Master of Social Work

  • SOCW 512: Theories and Interventions for Clinical Social Work
  • SOCW 513: Assessment Skills for Clinical Social Work
  • SOCW 514: Diversity and Critical Reflexive Practice
  • SOCW 516: Foundations of Ethical Practice
  • SOCW 517: Social Work and Indigenous Peoples and Canada
  • SOCW 521: Advanced Social Work Practice with Group
  • SOCW 553: Research Methods and Evidence in Clinical Social Work Practice
University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo , Ontario

Bachelor of Arts

  • LS 101: Introduction to Legal Studies
  • LS 221: Research Methods
  • LS 352: Human Rights
  • LS 402: Perspectives on Legal Authority and Subjectivity 
  • LS 403: Socio-Legal Response to Crime 
  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 201: Victims and Society
  • PACS 202: Conflict Resolution

My experience

Interned at Mitul Desai and Associates Law Firm

(Gujarat, India)

I interned at Mitul Desai and Associates, a law firm situated in Ahmedabad, India for about two months during the summer of 2017. It was this time when I realized what I really wanted to do in my life. However, I was not crystal clear even then, but I had gotten a rough idea of where I wished to see myself working within the next few years. I learned several important skills from this placement including notetaking, screening clients (or conducting initial needs assessment), and researching and critically analyzing the policies and laws as applicable to the client’s context or case. The skills I gained from this internship has enhanced my capacities to work as a Social Worker. More than anything else, I have very deeply observed and shadowed the lawyer and other professionals at the firm. Doing this has helped me to gain knowledge about my own strengths, weaknesses and privileges that I carry within me unconsciously. It is so important for me to know myself (i.e. personality traits) before I can professionally assist the individuals who come to receive help from me. This particular placement experience has helped me direct my career path and be critical of my own self to allow for positive growth.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted Lawyer with drafting of legal notices and screening client profiles.
  • Attended case hearings at Family Court and Gujarat High Court.
  • Analyzed the legal evidences and studied the case precedents and arguments thoroughly.
  • Prepared event lists, monthly/weekly calendars, and case notes.



Practicum Student at Kelowna Community Resources 

(British Columbia, Canada)

My first year internship was at Kelowna Community Resources agency which is located in Kelowna, British Columbia. It is a non-profit organization funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and local community organizations, religious affiliations and other individual sponsors. The agency fosters diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness by providing services to newcomers including immigrants, refugees, international students, individuals on work permits, and migrant or seasonal workers.

An Overview of my responsibilities at the agency:

  • Conducted initial in-takes or walk-in appointments.
  • Participated in public workshops (i.e. Information on Canadian workplace culture) and delivered several workshops to high school girls from disadvantaged backgrounds (topics included: Making Career choices and Volunteering).
  • Facilitated and taught English Conversation Circles. (2 months)
  • Assisted in planning and executing activities for Summer Youth program.
  • Covered front desk and completed administrative chores as required.
  • Organized and facilitated events for Refugee Day. (June 19, 2019)

Support Worker at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs 

(British Columbia, Canada)

  • Participate in individual short and long term goal planning.
  • develop and implement quality programs based on participants’ needs.
  • Develop relationships with members parents/guardians and ensure effective communication with families.
  • Provide group and/or individual behaviour management, support and develop care plans when necessary.
  • Create program activity calendar to be distributed to members and families.

Skills & Interests

Personal Interests

  • Excellent at organizing, planning and delivering group and individual Information workshops.
  • Proficient knowledge about creating professional portfolios and resumes.
  • Proficient with computers and administrative logistics.
  • Excellent communication and cross-cultural and interactional skills.
  • Knowledge about newcomers’ requirements and common concerns.
  • Fluent in written and oral English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Interpersonal Strengths 

  • Empathetic and emotionally matured.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Strong written (documentation, case notes, resource coordination) and oral communication skills (interactive with diverse clientele).
  • Critical thinker: Developing case plans and identifying, prioritizing and evaluating issues at hand.
  • Self-awareness: emotionally resilient, ability to maintain professional relationships and remain objective.

Social Work Related Interests 

  • Help clients navigate government assistance and benefit programs, as well as assist them with the learning of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada program.
  • Advocate for access to resources needed to improve the marginalized people’s lives.
  • Genuinely helping people overcome their weaknesses or challenges using empowerment and resilience perspectives.